A quick guide to maintaining your kids 24V CAN AM Dune Buggy 2 seater ride on car

Ride-on toys have been highly trending over quite a few years in the toy industry. Such rides have taken the toy industry by a storm owing to their growing popularity and usage. Gone are those days when people used to get rocking horses for their little ones as battery-powered toys have marked a benchmark taking the toy industry a level up. One such toy ride that kids are going gaga over in recent years is the 24V CAN AM Dune Buggy 2 seater ride on car which is a highly popular choice amongst the kids in plastering cheerful smiles.

These rides are not only fun to play with but give your kids a feeling of owning a ride that solely belongs to them. It's no less than a dream come true for kids who wish to grow up and own a car someday. But owning these rides is not enough. Maintaining them right throughout their childhood days is also important so that the happiness of your kids is never compromised. So, how do you make sure that the smile on your kid's face never turns into a frown? 'By taking care of your kid's buggy.' So here is how you can keep your kid's buggy well-maintained:

  • Teach them how to drive: This is the first thing that you need to teach your kids to make sure that the ride-on toys remain in good shape for a long period. Also, teaching them to drive is not going to be all cookie and cream and thus may require high-end patience from your side. But make sure that you prioritize the safety constraints and teach them safe driving step by step so that your child's safety is never at stake.
  • Read the instruction manual thoroughly: Before you let your kids get behind the wheel, make sure that you have read the ins and outs of the buggy thoroughly. This way you can pass on any special instruction to your kids that needs to be followed while they drive their way to happiness.
  • Keep a check on your kids buggy: Always keep a volt multimeter at your home because it can help in diagnosing any issue if your kid's buggy stops working. There are chances that the wires may go loose or batteries may need a replacement, you need to learn to check out these basic things. Being aware of such basic tasks can help you give the ride-on cars a quick repair so that your kids never have to compromise with their playtime.
  • Keep the car parts well maintained: Besides just seeing your kids enjoy their ride, you also need to keep a check on the maintenance of the different parts of the ride. Thus, you can get a set of tools and first check out if there are any broken parts such as the wheels, etc, and repair them at your earliest. Check if there are any cracks in the body of the buggy and replace the batteries if needed. Also, oil the gears, cables, and hinges if they are not functioning properly because proper oiling can help in the smooth functioning of such parts.
  • Decide a designated storage area: We know that kids are always in a hurry to run around and they may never take the pains of parking their buggy at the right place after they pop out of their ride. But you cannot let their toy ride be placed at any random place because careless handling of such toy rides may demand high-end maintenance at a later stage and may also result in accidents such as accidental tripping over the ride, etc. So, when the toy ride is not in use, keep it in a designated place so that your kid's ride does not have to suffer wear and tear due to mishandling. A basement, toy room, or any other place that stands secluded from high-traffic areas at home are apt places to park your kids' buggy. Also, make sure that you do not park the cars in your verandahs or any place outside your house to ensure that the toy rides are protected against acclimate weather conditions.
  • Do not always try DIY: We agree that a few basic things can be handled by the parents but this does not stand apt for all cases. In some cases, you may require professional help when the issues are big because handling them by yourself can cause further damage. Thus, seek professional help when required


These were a few tips that can help in preventing your kids' toy rides from suffering early wear and tear and maintaining them so that your kids can enjoy their toy rides for long. 

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