5 Big Benefits of Remote-Control Cars for Kids

At Kidsonwheelz, we’re really proud of our super cool RC car collection. In fact, we house some of the most awesome remote-control toy cars available. They are interesting devices, but also a symbol of pure joy for the entire family. Everybody in the family can have fun playing with a remote-control car. There is no age restriction to the sheer brilliance of this fun experience.

Radio-controlled or remote-controlled toy cars are widely popular in all corners of the world, making them one of the most fun childhood experiences. If your kid doesn’t have one, they ought to get to experience an RC car, boat or even a plane. By providing children with an exhilarating source of entertainment, the action-packed RC cars also contributed by broadening a child’s creative potential. That’s why, we decided to shed light on 5 emerging benefits of playing with remote-controlled vehicles.

  1. Family Bonding

An Remote Control car offers families a unique opportunity to bond over their shared interests, a super cool car that can do more than just move. The experience has proven to nurture strong relationships between siblings, parents and their children. A vacant parking lot, a free sitting room or even the backyard can be the perfect place to test your RC car skills. Everyone experiences fun by playing with the RC car, mainly due to its speed and power. With so many exciting options available, auser can choose from a variety of models to suit their skills and interests.

  1. Learning Responsibility

Just like real cars, a remote-control car also needs a certain level of discipline and maintenance. By taking care of your remote-control car, it lasts longer and the fun becomes a valuable experience. A child can easily study and learn the elements that make up a RC car and that boosts their learning. They begin to understand the mechanics of a car, especially at a young age, where the fascination easily leads to improved understanding of their skills. Young children usually learn to take care of your RC vehicles because they are easily attached to the experience.

  1. Hand-Eye Coordination

Steering a RC car requires keen attention, and even more so, hand-eye coordination. You aren’t in the vehicle, but you get to see how it moves, avoiding obstacles and handling it effectively from a distance. That’s why RC vehicles are an excellent toy to improve hand-eye coordination. The habit of handling the controller gives a child, or parent, improved reaction timings and better control. As time goes by, you even get better. After all, everything is in your hands!

  1. Enhanced Fine Motor Skills

A Remote Control car offers a unique insight into the real world for children, where they get to develop interest, and their fine motor skills at an earlier age. Essentially, a two-year-old child could grasp the concept of controlling an RC car easily. Their fine motor skills, paired with the responsibility to take care of the RC toy grows into a powerful learning method. Children eventually use their knowledge of motor skills to dismantle any part if required, or charge the car when the battery is low. Small things like that become bigger benefits in the long run. They eventually generate the skills to understand a vehicle’s various parts, functions and features when they’re still young. They also learn to teach themselves about their interests carefully, which is essential to growing up.

  1. Playing outdoors is fun!

Perhaps one of our favorite benefits of remote controlled cars is that they promote children and parents to spend more time exploring outdoors. Outdoor play time is very crucial to the formative experiences of a child. In fact, playing outdoors improves the physical and mental health of children who learn to become more self-aware and responsible at a younger age. Research states that the number of children who play outdoors are reducing in number, which is probably because there’s too much technology indoors to keep everybody occupied. But, the fact remains that nothing can beat the outdoors, especially when you’re taking your RC car through the terrain and learning the limitations and expectations of handling this machine. Many models like the FEIYUE FY-03 are built for outdoor experiences, and if you want to invest in good quality remote control cars, you need to know more.


Wrapping up!
Although many of the items on the Kidsonwheelz toy collection is built for outdoors, you can the RC cars indoors or slightly less-even places outdoors. They aren’t built for really rough terrain, but they are very safe to use because the places they go are where children are safe to play. We recommend playing outdoors, because of the fun experience that it brings. If you like to get your kids, or yourselves a fine RC car, you will have fun just exploring the models we have on display. Click here and check out our exclusive RC car collection.