7 cool features of the Radio Flyer convertible stroller wagon

The Radio Flyer convertible stroller wagon is masterfully engineered with a compact design that unfolds into a spacious stroller wagon for two. Suitable for babies, toddlers and kids aged one year and above, the robust design is built for convenience and comfortable manoeuvrability. Plus it’s convertible!

When your kids want to enjoy some good weather, just pull back the canopy and the easy mechanism allows them to be sunny side up. In this post, we’re going to dissect the 7 cool features of the Radio Flyer convertible stroller wagon.


  1. Comfort finishes


The Convertible stroller wagon features a thoughtful design for both kids and their parents. The cup holders, roll-up UV protected canopy, adjustable height push handle and foldable compact design add to the wonderful experience. This stroller wagon is ideal for the whole family and the family dog! It also features DuraClean 2.0 which is Radio Flyer’s highest quality fabric that is super durable and super easy to clean.


  1. Push or Pull mechanism


The premium stroller vehicle is fully convertible from a stroller to push and pull wagon owing to the unique design. It also features optimal steering configuration for each mode; a conventional wagon pull handle in the front of the wagon and a fold –away stroller handlebar at the back. The large 12 inch rear wheels enable easy push and pull functionality for a smooth ride. The Radio Flyer convertible stroller wagon is both Toy and Stroller Safety standard compliant. The unique features like two 5-point safety harnesses and rear brakes keep the toddlers as young as 12 months old, safe, secure and comfortable.


  1. 3 Modes & Easy To Fold


The Radio flyer convertible stroller wagon features 3 different seating modes and an easy one hand fold. The double stroller wagon is always ready to go, whenever you deem right. You can take your kids on a walk around the neighbourhood, convert the stroller into a bench for a picnic seating, or haul some of all your outdoor findings like farmers fresh produce back home. The convertible stroller wagon can do it all.

And when you want to pack up, the compact foldable design allows for easy storage and folds flat with a one hand fold.


  1. Robust suspension and wheels


The Radio Flyer convertible stroller wagon comes with front caster wheels for nimble steering and large, 12 inch easy push rear wheels. The build quality is so fine that you don’t have to worry about bumpy roads or park terrain. It’s built for maximum outdoor fun. Besides featuring a very stable 4 wheel comfort, the stroller wagon is extremely stable and easy to move with whenever you want, wherever you go.


  1. Convertible UV canopy


The DuraClean 2.0 material is easy to clean, in the case of spills or crumbs or dirt. However, what makes the convertible stroller wagon unique is it’s UV protected canopy that is, you guessed it, convertible. When the canopy is up, a UV protection field safeguards your child from harmful rays of the sun, and keeps the wagon cool and comfortable inside. When the weather is good, the easy roll up canopy is turned into a convertible stroller wagon. Now that’s a great idea for a true outdoor experience.


  1. Toy & stroller safety compliant


The fact that the Radio Flyer convertible stroller wagon passes all Toy & stroller safety standards is a milestone on its own. The wagon is built for kids after all and it has to meet the finest standards. Besides offering exceptional safety and comfort, the stroller is also lightweight and easy to carry around. And, the true marvel of this stroller is in offering great experiences for children and their parents.


  1. Suitable for babies, toddlers & children above 1 year old


The biggest benefit of the convertible stroller wagon is its ability to accommodate little babies and slightly older children alike, with the same comfort and convenience. Besides featuring a really comfortable interior finish, the stroller wagon is made of the finest materials. The UV protected canopy keeps your little ones safe and sound when they’re in a deep slumber amidst an outdoor vacation. Better yet, when your older child wants to rest their knees, the stroller wagon can let them relax and enjoy the outdoors at its best.


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