8 benefits of using electric bikes

Electric bikes have been around for a while and they are gaining popularity for the many benefits they offer. The future is now and if you ever thought of buying an electric bike, here are 8 benefits of using electric bikes.


  1. Assisted biking


E-bikes have a battery powered pedal assist feature which is a mechanism in the bike that gives you a boost while pedalling. The mechanism reduces stress and impact on your thighs and knees. You can easily conquer inclines and hills without worrying about the tough terrain. With assisted biking you get an added advantage while venturing outdoors.


  1. Flexible and fast


Another advantage of Electric bikes are that they can help you cover miles with the least effort. You can make the most of the multi-purpose cycle lanes that are traffic free cityscapes. Reduce commute time and maximized ease of manoeuvrability is the perks of the e-bike.

In fact, if you’re health conscious, the e-bike makes up for having to drive around in a car with the windows up. There’s a special thrill of riding a durable Electric bikes that can take you places within the city or the suburbs.


  1. Better fitness


Scientists of Switzerland’s University of Basel confirmed through research that riding Electric bikes are just good as regular bikes when it comes to your fitness goals. Despite assisted pedalling, the e-bike ride is still a good exercise that can boost your health, mentally and physically. You can even get customized options for your unique exercise requirements and convenience.


  1. Cut-down expenses


Using an e-bike instead of a car or motor bike will save a lot of money in the long run. Fuel prices are going up and in most countries, the price surges can drill a hole in your pocket. With Electric bikes you can buy top-notch batteries for a low-investment that gets you 18-60 miles on a single full-charge. Now that’s cost-effective and sustainable utility.


  1. Futuristic technology


Sci-fi movies aren’t the only places you get to see sleek and sexy vehicles with streamlined features and performance. E-bikes are a piece of the future of transportation available right now. Not only is it more environmentally conscious, but cost-effective and improves health. Considering that this invention is continuously improving, the next prototype is going to be the future in your hands. When you vouch for sustainable transportation, the two words solve many world-issues at once.


  1. Nature-friendly


Of course, climate change is real and we all should do our part in curbing carbon emissions and wastages. In an attempt to save our Earth from human activity, we can contribute by using e-bikes instead of motor vehicles. Electric bikes use energy at an average of 100 –150 Watts compared to the 15000-20000 Watts for a car. Thus, by using an e-bike you are helping improve the air quality.



  1. Variety of designs & customization options


Another great perk of investing in e-bikes is that you get a lot of designs to pick from. Additionally, you can customize the seat, tires, handles, frame, according to your stylistic requirements. As more companies product Electric bikes, more countries are vouching for the technology that will help improve the quality of air and the quality of life. Hence, there are numerous designs and options to choose from today and in the future.



  1. Get an e-bike easily


E-bikes are not too expensive and are easily available. You can get your own e-bike without having to think too much or look around for too long.  They are available in all sizes, shapes and styles.

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