Apollo Dirt Bike- The Ultimate Guide

Choosing even a diaper for your kid needs so many parameters. Picking up a toy needs an hour of discussion. It is very important to understand what impact will the toy have on the kids and how it can benefit them. As they grow the choice and need of the toys changes gradually. They need toys that can make them learn to tackles daily life challenges. Apollo dirt bike can help your kid to learn how to ride especially when they have never driven one. 


There are options that you can choose from. Pick the one you find suitable for your child. Pick from Apollo RFZ Rocket 36v 1300W Watts electric dirt bike, RFX Rocket 36V 1000Watts, Apollo RFZ Sedna 100w 12” Tire Electric dirt bike and Apollo RFZ Rookie 110cc dirt bike. You can choose according to the age and learning level of your child. 


How to Choose the perfect bike for your kids?


Here are some specifications according to which you have to choose a bike for them:-


Age matters a lot-

These are bikes are in different specifications, functionality and height. So, you have to be very sure about what you are choosing. If your child is 2yr-9yrs you can pick Apollo RFZ Sedna 100w 12’ tire electric bike. This is so ideal for the age mentioned. It is smaller in height and grows with your child. If the child is 2yrs he can drive without electric assistance, as he grows to 3-4yrs use with electric assistance slow speed of 6km/h, later when they turn to 5-9yrs they can use it with a fast speed of electric assistance of 16km/h. similarly, you can check the specifications and choose one for your kids.


Kid’s Preference matters-

You have to understand the interest area of your child. You have to analyze what interests the child. Let him decide if he likes two or four-stroke engines and his choice of gear they prefer. From that, you can choose any one of them.


Size of the engine-

Now being parents, it is you who decide what type of engine they can handle according to the age they belong to. They can go for from two to four-stroke engines. But then you have to make sure what they can handle and won't get hurt with. 


Speed Management-

Kids have one more quality of being unpredictable. Within a flick of the second, you will find them busy experimenting with something else. Also, you can’t trust them for being sober all the time. So, before you pick an Apollo dirt bike choose with the speed limit that can manage even if you are not around for a while. 


These are some of the parameters that you can keep in mind before you choose one for your child.


Why Should You Choose Apollo Dirt Bike?

Here are various reasons to choose these tough guys for your kids. Some of them are: -


  • They are durable and strong enough to long last. 
  • They are available for different ages with different specifications.
  • User-friendly functionality that your kids can master within no time.
  • Light-weighted bikes including the battery weight.
  • Long-lasting lithium battery life.
  • Affordable price and value for money.


These are a few reasons to choose these Apollo Electric Dirt Bike. They are the best gift that you can choose for your kids. Kids on Wheelz is the platform that you can choose to purchase these heroes for your child. We have an easy return, exchange and refund policies. So, you can surprise them on their birthdays and any other appreciative occasions. Motivate your child with these gifts that are the source of learning as well as enjoyment