Clever tricks to keep your little ones happy while using a Thule's stroller

Running with a jogging stroller is the new trend, as it serves a dual purpose. Besides keeping the baby safely tucked inside without letting the parents carry them in their arms, a stroller also enables the newbie mommies to steal some workout time out of their whole day-long schedule. A Thule's jogging stroller is all you need to get started with a workout session. But not every baby stays happy when they are carried in a stroller because of the various conditions that may arise while traveling. So, are you someone who wishes to keep their baby happy while taking them out for a stroll? Follow these tips to have happy kiddos on the wheels:  

Do not overfeed your baby

Parents are usually fussy about making their kids have meals all the time. But this may not work out well when you are planning to take your babies out while running with a Thule's jogging stroller. Think of a condition when you have just made your kid's tummy full and have headed out for a running session. Though the running session may go at a smooth pace, there are chances you may come across bumpy terrains that may cause your babies to experience a jerk. What next? Soon you may find your kid showing traces of their last meal, puking out everything.

This can land you down in quite a mess and yucky situation. So, ensure you do not overfeed your babies before taking them out for a troll to keep them happy and prevent them from becoming cry-babies.

Always have some snacks handy

Do not overfeed is the first rule to keep babies happy while running with a Thule's jogging stroller. But, small kids are prone to feel hunger pangs at any point in time. And, if their hunger is not satisfied on time, soon you will find them crying and behaving fussy. Hence, always carry some easy to eat snacks along to comfort a starving baby.

Do not forget to bring a diaper bag

Your little one may feel the urge to pee or poop at any point in time, irrespective of the place they are in. Such a thing can happen even when you are out for a workout session with a Thule's jogging stroller. But, if you fail to get your little one clean and fresh soon after they create a mess, all you will end up with is handling a squealing baby.

In such a situation, when you do not have enough baby wipes, clothes, and diapers, your condition can turn out to be worse. Thus, do not forget to carry a diaper bag and an extra pair of clothes even if you go for a stroll that lasts for a few quick minutes.

Be prepped for weather changes

Weather changes are pretty unpredictable. It can be sunny a minute ago and may start to rain all of a sudden. You never know when such a climatic weather change can happen and make your babies cry while you head out, tucking them in a Thule's stroller. So, even if it is sunny outside, make sure that you have some extra layers of clothing handy that can be used if the weather turns out breezy and windy. Also, stay prepped for facing any sort of weather changes that can occur when you jog with your babies.

Pack them up safe and tight

When your kid is too small to hold themselves in one place, you would often find them switching their positions while you run with a Thule's jogging stroller. This can be quite a risky affair if your little one is mischievous enough to pop out of the stroller and have a great fall out of it. Also, they may climb up and down and not like the idea of staying in one place.

Hence, always make sure that you strap them tight inside the Thule's stroller with the seat belt so to save your kid from accruing any injuries or facing a mishap.


The period when you can actually take your kids along with you in a stroller and enjoy with them is quite short-lived because soon they will start walking and ditch the strollers. And, you would probably not like to spoil living such moments that will build memories for a lifetime, right? So, make sure that you follow the tips mentioned above to have happy babies inside the strollers rather than spending all your time comforting a cry baby.

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