Debunking the age-old Myths about Kids Electric Cars

Electric cars and other ride-on toys have been trending for quite some time now but most of the time parents stay worried before making a purchase. Do you know the reason why? Half of the time either they are worried about the safety of their kids while allowing them to drive such cars and other times they believe the rumors that go around about electric cars for kids in Canada. But, here in this guide, we will burst the bubble about all the myths that surround electric cars so that parents can take a safe and good decision while purchasing these ride-on toys for their little ones:

Kids are too young to ride an electric car

Well, if you can hand over bicycles to your little ones, you can definitely feel safe while allowing them to ride electric cars. Though the motor skills of every child can vary but there is nothing that concerns age. There are chances that a grown-up kid may not have enough ability to drive a ride-on car while a kid younger than them can skilfully and confidently drive a car despite being younger and vice-versa.

Hence, the decision of buying the little ones their own ride-on car and allowing them to drive the same depends a lot on their physical ability and motor skills. However, there are also ride-on cars available in the market that allow two or more kids to sit together in the car to have some added fun. Thus, you can also let kids with lesser physical ability accompany their friends or siblings with better riding skills and enjoy themselves even if they do not have adequate motor skills.

Ride-on cars are just for boys

One of the most common myths surrounding ride-on cars most parents are prone to believe is that these cars are only for boys. Well, this is far beyond the truth that ride-on cars are originally manufactured for. Such cars are a great toy for both boys and girls and after all, why should boys have all the fun?

Also, electric cars come in a variety of colors and designs, so there's something for both girls and boys irrespective of their gender boundaries. Girls can have just as much fun while having a fun driving day out as boys can.

They make use of unsafe batteries

Most of the time parents are concerned about the battery power that the electric ride-on toys require. Well, most of these cars do not require power more than 12 v which is a minimal power requirement and cannot cause injuries to your kid. Injuries in case of such low lighting voltage are very rare and the manufacturers of such ride-on toys make sure that there are no open circuitries and outlets that can make your kids prone to shocks or electrical injuries

On the contrary, you can buy ride-on cars for kids in Canada from trusted manufacturers and well-known brands as an additional step to ensure the security of your kids. It is because such manufacturers take utmost care during the manufacturing of such cars and make use of only safe and tested batteries.

Cars run at a very fast speed

Another cause of worry for the parents is the speed that these cars can go up to while their kids take on the driver's seat. Though after getting behind the wheel, every kid wishes to try the need for speed which makes the blood pressure of their parents pump up but trust us the speed of such cars is not on a very higher side as you think it to be. Furthermore, they are way safer than handing over a bicycle to your kids where there are higher chances of tripping and falling.

Such cars are designed barely to reach a speed of 5 to 8 km per hour and do not make your kids prone to injuries and falls if you train your kids to drive in a safe and careful manner. When used carefully, ride-on cars are completely safe and can be used under parental supervision. As an additional safety factor, you can make your kids wear a helmet while driving. Additionally, these cars have speed limits and the speeds can be adjusted as per the child's skill level.

Electric cars can break down easily

Well, this myth is more about making a sane and smart choice. Whilst there are multiple ride-on toy sellers in the market, the onus is on you to make a safe choice by doing some in-depth research before the purchase. Buying such toys from sellers and manufacturers who make use of proper safety standards and design cars such that they are sturdy enough to handle daily wear and tear is a safe bet. Besides, also make sure to teach your kids to maintain their cars and practice safety while driving can help you keep your kid's cars serving them right for a long period.


Though ride-on cars have become highly popular these days, the myths that surround this industry is a complete spoiler that refrains parents from buying such cars. However, with this guide, we hope that we have been able to bust a few. So, what are you waiting for? Get over these thoughts and buy ride-on toys for your little ones to bring a smile to their face. What's more? If you are worried about where to get such cars, then Kidsonwheelz is your ultimate shopping destination where you can easily buy such toys. Not only is this the best toy shop in Canada promising you a plethora of options and toy variants but they also ensure safe and quality toys. So, settle your nerves and buy ride-on toys from Kidsonwheelz to add some extravagant toys to add more fun to your kids' childhood.