Five Reasons To Love The Burleigh Wagon Burleigh Wagon Is Here In Canada

- Hear From Gold Coast Wagon Mum Elisha Fiorentino

My name is Elisha Fiorentino, and I’m a mum, business-owner and Burleigh Wagon owner on the Gold Coast.

I got my Burleigh Wagon in July 2020 after giving birth to my first son, Leo. Being a wife and a busy working mum, I needed something that could carry everything I needed on a day out to work or on the weekend, so I turned to the Burleigh Wagon for a solution.

Let me tell you… I instantly fell in love. Not only is the wagon simple to manoeuvre and great for holding absolutely everything I need, but it comes with a range of extras too that literally makes mum life a million times easier!

I’ve had plenty of opportunities to use my wagon, so I wanted to share a few of the features that made me fall in love. Fellow mummas, if you’re on the fence about getting yourself and your bub a Burleigh Wagon, let me tell you… it’s totally worth it!

  • The Burleigh Wagon meets stroller standards
  • One of the biggest things every mum worries about when looking for their first stroller is whether their child will be safe in it. I mean, we’ve just spent nine months growing this cute little kid, we want to make sure they're going to be safe when they finally emerge into the world.

    Well, good news mummas... the Burleigh Wagon meets stroller standards! Not just standards for a single stroller, but it actually meets all of the Australian standards to be classified as a double stroller. Twin mummas rejoice!

    Coming complete with two sets of three-point safety seatbelts, the Burleigh Wagon can actually replace your usual stroller entirely. How cool is that? Recommended for ages six months and over, and coming with a 7 year warranty, you can be rest assured your little one is not only going to be super stylish, but also super safe too.

  • It has heaps of storage
  • I love heading to the beach and going out with my husband, so this was a huge perk for me. No more trying to hold a phone, a coffee cup, a water bottle and push your stroller all at the same time.You can just chuck all your belongings into the wagon and off you go!

    My husband and I really love to use it on the weekend. We recently took our Burleigh Wagon out to the farmers’ markets for the morning. It was great to keep our water bottles icy cold in the inbuilt Esky. Our produce was stored on top and our coffees in the cup holders (while Leo was relaxing in the wagon as well). The under-seat ice chest also holds over 10 litres, so there’s more than enough room to take anything you’d need for a whole picnic. No more juggling bags of food, drinks and bub!

  • It holds 150kgs
  • Ok, so maybe this is the reason my husband loves it more than why I do, but it’s still a pretty fantastic perk. The Burleigh Wagon holds over 150 kilos, which means not only can Leo sit in there and enjoy it, but I can too!

    One of the best parts about the wagon is how versatile it is. The long side panel can be removed to turn the wagon into a seat, meaning I can use it as a seat when I’m at the park or when I need somewhere to sit and breastfeed Leo. They also have a brake system on the wheels, so don’t have to worry about the wagon rolling or moving about when you’re sitting on it.

  • Use It as nappy change station & bed
  • Yep, you read that correctly. We’ve used the Burleigh Wagon a few times as a bed and a changing station for Leo, and it’s been an absolute lifesaver! 

    Before the wagon, I used to be very conscious of taking Leo out around nap time, and I’d always be very wary of making sure I knew where the changing stations were so that I could get to them if I needed them. My husband and I love going out, but it made it harder to plan things when we had to consider so many other factors.

    Getting the Burleigh Wagon made it much easier for us. We have the optional umbrella and seat cushions as well, and it makes the world of difference having a dry, soft, shaded and comfortable space where we can change him and let him nap. There’s no need to worry about if there’s a bathroom nearby or if he’s going to be unsettled. I also find it great for storing all of my nappies and changing gear under the seat, so I don’t have to worry about lugging around a nappy bag, either!

  • The wheels are all-terrain
  • I already love how easy the wagon is to use off-road. We’ve taken it on gravel roads, to the beach and up grassy hills, and it’s been super simple to pull along. It’s so easy, even I can do it!


    The team behind Burleigh Wagon put heaps of thought into each aspect of the wagon, and it really shows. We’re excited to take the wagon out on more adventures and keep using it as Leo gets older!