The benefits of STEM toys for your child’s growth

Child psychologists and early childhood experts often state that children should be exposed to STEM toys. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics and STEM is a manufacturer of learning toys for the preschool years of childhood development.

At a young age, STEM toys familiarize children with conceptual learning which happens through playtime and leisure. That’s a great way to get children hooked on really cool ideas that benefit them in the long term.

Here’s why STEM learning toys are recommended by child specialists.


  1. Making STEM easy and fun


Children learn by exposure to concepts and ideas, which shape their interests and aspirations for the future. In many cases, children are very influenced by their parent’s interests. For example, if a parent is always talking about cars, the child is bound to take interest in cars. But, children require individual learning experiences to explore their unique capabilities and interests. One such way of nurturing a child’s familiarity with fun concepts is by introducing STEM toys. When children begin to grasp ideas related to science or technology or engineering or math, or even commerce, STEM toys lay the foundation to a playful learning experience. Thus, they begin to take more interest in STEM learning and related topics on their own. This breaks the notion that STEM is hard.


  1. Improved problem-solving abilities


Whether your child is setting up a magnet powered car, or assembling a dinosaur STEM learning toys encourages original thought and thus improves a child’s cognitive reasoning at a faster pace. Kids playing with STEM toys learn to think independently and rely on their intelligence to overcome challenges. It may be something as simple as drawing shapes on a STEM magnetic coloured piano  drawing board, or picking out the befitting piece of a puzzle. Children learn to find winning solutions by playing with STEM learning toys. Not only does the child take on challenges independently, but they also open themselves up to face the challenge confidently. Now that’s an evergreen life skills for any growing child.


  1. Making learning fun and interactive


As parents, it is fundamental to make a child’s learning experiences and education fun. This may involve activities or STEM toys that are an activity on their own. STEM toys associate complex ideas from different subjects with simple interactions. This makes it easy for children to grasp concepts and apply them in their lives. Something as simple as setting up a STEM toy kitchen prompts children to gather insights about time management and scheduled activities.  Kids identify with problems as a learning outcome, and carry this learning through their lifetime. Essentially, the biggest benefit of STEM toys kids lie in making learning interactive and fun.


  1. Absorb creativity at an early age


The STEM magnetic coloured piano drawing board is an example of how children can illustrate their creativity, while playing or learning to draw shapes and symbols. By encouraging children to come up with original ideas, their creative decision making skills are enriched. Every field, whether STEM or not, requires creative thinking. Whether your child grows up to be a scientist, engineer, painter, clergyman or businessman, creative out-of-the-box thinking starts at an early age. STEM learning toys give children multiple options to tap into their interests, bringing out different outcomes every time. The child becomes responsible for the outcome of their playtime, transforming fun into learning through interactive elements of STEM toys. These abilities hone their innate capabilities to approach each activity critically, unbiased and prepared for the future outcome.


  1. Improved Motor skills & co-ordination


STEM toys are made specifically to let the child explore and nurture their minds. They improve hand-eye coordination, motor skills and their ability to critically evaluate circumstances. The more kids are exposed to motor activities, the stronger and more confident they become about using their hands and fingers. This is why at Kidsonwheelz we have a vast collection of toys beyond just STEM toys. Our inventory is loaded with smart, splendid and super fun toys for children of all ages. We believe that honing a child’s motor skills at an early age is fundamental to making them more prepared to face the world. When improvements happen at an early age, big spurts of growth are witnessed at a fast pace and STEM learning toys encourage that.


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