Handy Tips for Parents to Ensure Their Kids’ Safety on ATVs

An all-terrain vehicle (ATV) is an off-road vehicle that runs smoothly on certain terrains. Do you want your kid to drive it skilfully when they grow up? You can make it easy for them by gifting a kids ATV. But it can also be risky for your little one. Each year, many children worldwide get injured due to ATVs due to two major reasons. Some of them lack the skills or experience to handle the controls of an ATV, whereas others have a limited field of vision.

As a parent, you would want your kid to ride their ATV safely. Given below are some handy tips related to it.

How to make ATVs safe for your kid?

Most parents don’t hesitate to buy a kid’s ATV as a gift item for their little one as it is legal in most countries, including Canada. However, its legality doesn’t guarantee its safety for kids. On your part, you can minimize the risks by paying attention to the following points:

  • Keep the age factor in mind: Driving a kid’s ATV is no joke as it demands almost the same set of skills from a child that adults need to drive an ATV. Alongside technical knowledge, experience is also necessary for it. To drive a kids ATV safely, your kid must be able to shift his/her weight, slow down, speed up, and make adjustments wherever necessary on a trail. Fulfilling these diverse requirements can be easier said than done for a kid. For this reason, most experts strongly recommend that parents gift an ATV to their child only when he/she attains the age of 16 years at least.
  • Encourage your kid to get a safety certification: By taking a dedicated course, your kid can learn the fundamentals of controlling and balancing a kid-friendly ATV. They can also obtain a certificate after completing it. While it will help your little one learn new skills, it will also help minimize their safety-related concerns.
  • Gift your child the right ATV based on his/her age: Full-sized ATVs carry a lot of weight. For this reason, handling it without training and ample practice can be tricky for your kid. However, they can easily handle an ATV that is compatible with their body weight. A kid’s body weight increases with age. If you think your kid hasn’t attained the right age for riding an ATV yet, consider buying it after a few months.
  • Make certain that your child wears the right accessories: Due to the risks involved in driving an ATV, using safety accessories is necessary for individuals. It is also important for little ones who ride kids’ ATVs. Helmets with a full-face shield or flip-down visors have the best safety features. Gloves, long sleeves, and long pants also help enhance kids’ safety. Alongside boosting safety, these accessories can also help enhance your kids’ overall experience of riding an ATV.
  • Keep an eye on your kid’s driving behaviour on a trail: As a parent, you can look for ample ways to make an ATV safe for your child. But it will eventually boil down to how your kid drives it on a trail. Speed has a key role in it. Just as the right speed helps prevent accidents on roads, it will keep your child safe from meeting with an accident on a trail. Whenever the speed of an ATV increases, it becomes next to impossible to keep it stable. Due to this reason, you might want to ensure that your child keeps the speed of their ATV at a low or moderate level on a trail.

Final thoughts

For a kid, riding an ATV safely is nothing shorter than a challenge. However, as a parent, you can simplify it for your kid by paying attention to the above points. 

Alongside implementing these points, also consider buying the right ATV based on your kid's age and body weight. It will minimize the ATV-related risks for them.

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