What to do after receiving the child's car Start assembling the vehicle

What to do after receiving the child's car?

Getting a new kid's car would have the same level of fascination in the house which would be there when you buy a big family car. The child would be excited to drive and so would you be to see him driving around in the house and enjoying it.  You need to understand that the vehicle should be in the right shape for proper usage. Make sure you check the parcel. If it has any kind of breakage or missing parts return it.

Start assembling the vehicle

When you have received the ride-on car, make sure you assemble the parts as per the instructions mentioned in the how-to guide. When you do it, connect the battery at the right point. There would be red white connectors, make sure you connect the right plugin at the point. Wrong plugging in could lead to problems when you are building it. There would be wheels with a pin. You should connect them to the right ax at first. Sometimes you miss the pins or by chance, you lose them while assembling. So make sure you carefully insert the wheels and check they are properly fixed. If the wheels are not fixed right then they could open while driving which could hurt the child. 

Things to do before the operation

Simply the vehicle won't work like this. It is vital to charge the vehicle. So depending upon the battery size, first, make sure you properly charge it before your child begins with its operation. For a 6V battery, you should charge for 6 hours, for a 12 V battery it should be 12 hours and for a 24 v battery, it should be 18 hours. It is essential for good battery health.  Now as you are ready with it, explore other features like MP3, connecting USB, switching on the lights, other sounds, etc. If any of them is not working, make sure you contact the buyer for repair.

Thus, if you are among those who have bought a ride-on car for your child and waiting for it to be delivered online, don’t just simply use it when it comes. Make sure you follow the instructions so that the right usage could be achieved.