5 fun facts about Hoverboards

5 fun facts about hoverboards


People of all ages have dreamt of having a hoverboard at some point in their life, and the technology is now ever present. Getting it off the ground may have taken a long wait, but now you can land your own hoverboard for a thrilling experience. At Kidsonwheelz we specialize in all things fun, and the learning begins when you get your hands of your favourite merchandise. In this post, we’re going to cover 5 fun facts about hoverboards.

We’re going to dive into the science-fiction hoverboards but with a main focus on the self-balancing hoverboards that hit the market with a storm. What makes the hype around hoverboards so real?

Let the countdown being!


Real facts about hoverboards (& why they’re awesome)


  1. A priest that hovered too low


From the dugout of recent events surrounding hoverboards, a Catholic priest in the Philippines took a Segway hoverboard for a spin on Christmas Eve. What happened afterwards was a true Christmas spectacle for on-lookers. Father Albert San Jose was later suspended for his daring stunt because church officials stated he was “capriciously introducing something to get the attention of the people” and seemed disrespectful. I’m sorry Padre, but there’s no harm in enjoying being in church and you did right by us.


  1. Hoverboards getting banned in some cities


While a self-balancing hoverboard is every owners pride and excitement, the new toy might not impress everybody around the world. Some major cities in the USA were hinting at banning the use of hoverboards in public areas. Now this means universities, shopping malls, and council offices were out of the question. Wiz Khalifa was restrained at the Los Angeles International Airport for riding a hoverboard. The NYPD essentially declared war on the self-balancing hoverboards on sidewalks, roads and other public spaces. They seem to consider these hoverboards straight out of science-fiction as “personal transportation.” If you would like to make good use of your hoverboard, you may want to clear up the basement and have a shot at enjoyment. It looks like a fire extinguisher is going to be needed for every hoverboard in America.


  1. They don’t catch fire


Hoverboards have been responsible for the irresponsible behaviour of some adults, causing injuries. But if you followed the user manual, you’ll be sure to realize that the gear is pretty safe. It seems like poor piloting is to blame for people setting up hazards with their hoverboard craze. Allegedly, hoverboards were deemed to be highly inflammable when charging. Now that’s a low blow for how far technology has come in the 21st century. Even Amazon pulled many of their hoverboard products off their site and offered a refund for the faulty ones. Now that doesn’t mean hoverboards catch fire, but just like anything in the world, irresponsible use leads to complications. It is advised to take care of your hoverboard like you would take care of your phone. Maintain some class folks!


  1. Magnets are dreams coming alive


This is where the real hype around hoverboards comes alive. A Japanese car company, Lexus, created their own hoverboard that can literally levitate. The boards are built to harness the magic of magnetic levitation, which is straight out of a movie. These real hoverboards are packed with magnets, superconductors and liquid nitrogen.

The only limitation of the Lexus hoverboards is that they can only be used on magnetic tracks and thus reach only about two or three inches off the ground. You can’t outrun the thugs, but you can surely experience Tron legacy on a track. Unfortunately, Lexus hoverboards are not going be a commercial product, and you may just have to stick to the self-balancing hoverboards for now.


  1. The fan craze around hoverboards


There is much hope for the continued development of the hoverboard technology, as ARCA space invented a hoverbaord that just refined the art of hovering. Christened as The ArcaBoard, this self-balancing hoverboard is powered by electricity and a series of tiny fans that can support up to 240 lbs in weight. Fans around the world may associate this technology with “hover conversions” or “quantum locking” but this hoverboard can literally fly. The ArcaBoard has been tested and can reach up to 30 cm off the ground. Priced at almost $20,000, and with only 6 minutes of battery capacity for flight, this hoverboard is not a shopper’s best buy. But, it is a glimpse into the future of hoverboards and technology. Surely, this is a glide in the right direction for enthusiasts everywhere.


Wrapping up!


While you stay optimistic about the nature of technology evolution, electric hoverboards are available at a safe, affordable and exciting offer. Head on over to the Kidsonwheelz store and find out for yourself. These devices are built for comfort and compatibility, with the user experience in mind. Just make sure you’re not a priest in Philippines, or they’ll think you’re being disrespectful.

Ciao! Happy playing !!