Why are toys so important during childhood development?

Children are the key to the future and kids love their toys. Is there a link between childhood development and the toys surrounding a child? Do you remember your favorite toy growing up? Whether it was a stuffed teddy bear or a plastic GI Joe, we’ve all got fond memories with toys. What you probably aren’t aware of is how toys influenced your education and childhood development over the years. In fact, there is a reason why pre-school kids learn through toys and fun art. Toys have a magical power to improve a child’s abilities and skills, preparing them for life.


Here are Kidsonwheelz, we’re passionate about toys. Even more so, we’re enthusiastic about surrounding children with toys that are important during childhood development.


Experts agree to the facts!


Children learn by playing and exploring, where toys are central instruments that encourage them to discover the world. That’s why toys offer much excitement, joy and happiness which can build a child’s self-esteem.

In this post, we’re going to break down why toys are so important during childhood development.


Motor Skills


Motor skills are our favourite, here at Kidsonwheelz. We think toys that engage with a child’s physical abilities are a good exercise to improve their motor skills. Whether they’re colouring, dressing a doll, or manoeuvring the environment on a ride-on, children use their sense of touch and sense of sight. Using baby walkers, tricycles, bicycles, and toy cars can boost their gross motor skills, or what scientists term physiognomy. Additionally, toys also allow children to discover coordination and balance by staying physically active, which can prevent a lot of complications as they grow up adopting a healthy lifestyle.


Toys motivate children from an early age, to use their hands and feet as a form of discovery, where colours and sounds begin to create learning experiences. Once a baby learns how to crawl and sit, the toys encourage them to move. You would have noticed your child muscling through to reach their favourite toys.


Emotional Development


Toys allow children to explore the creativity and express their emotions better. Whether the child is role playing with different characters and costumes, or rocking a baby doll to sleep, their space is enriched with friendly toys. Children begin to employ their imagination and expand their horizons just through play-time. They often invent fantastical worlds full of abstract ideas, encouraging their capacity to interpret and create symbols associated with a mature personality with rules of their own.


For a child, toys are an effective way to step-by-step childhood development. Adults often associate toys with something that’s sold at a store. But for children, a toy resembles a whole new universe. They are objects that they can feel and touch, transforming their experiences like playing with clay, paint, play dough, action figures and ride-on cars. Combining these experiences with childhood development leads to effective decision making skills being honed at an early age. Better yet, their imagination is never put to rest.


Social Development


Besides improving a child’s language, toys also inspire social skills that create a fuller understanding of society at large. Toys invite children to interact with adults and peers, neighbors and play mates. The simple act of playing with another child enables them to create better experiences for themselves. They learn from their experiences interacting with other children over toys and play things. Children are taught respect, sharing, cooperation and discipline by making interaction with each other the central focus of play time. Toys can help children bond with each other and with adults of all ages.


Cognitive Development


Toys also nurture a child’s cognitive development during childhood years. Toys can stimulate their concentration levels and improve their attention span and memory. Board games, drawing boards and musical instruments are pivotal to childhood development. The toys are key to their future autonomy. Take the simple act of assembling building blocks or riding a bicycle outdoors. Children benefit from cognitive development encouraged by toys that can help them grow. Cognitive development during childhood years improves the child’s ability to approach languages and math skills in a fun manner.

Did you know that toys were so important in childhood development? I’m sure you did.

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