6 of the most famous and influential toys in the world

When talking about toys, we often think about the fond memories of playful energy and freedom to explore. Toys have been an integral part of almost every culture in the world. In this series, we’ve put together a list of the 6 most famous and influential toys in the world. This list is not confined to any significant era of toys, but a reminder of 6great toys that hit the market, leaving a lasting impression.


Let’s begin the countdown!


  1. Barbie

Barbie toys

The Barbie was launched in 1959, becoming a fashion doll that made huge waves in the world of toys. Eventually Barbie grew so big that related accessories, clothes and merchandise was introduced, gathering high-sales.

She had a major impact on social values since then and even today, by portraying characteristics of female diversity, independence and charisma.


  1. Cabbage Patch Kids

Cabbage patch kids dolls

Originally named the Little People, these adorable dolls were first created in 1978 by the toy maker Xavier Roberts.

The dolls arrived in a package with birth certificates, adoption papers and thus encouraging the idea of adopting children. What a way to make a statement by reaching out into the future of society, children.


  1. Rubik’s Cube

The Toy Hall of Fame has specifically pointed out that the 3D Rubik’s cube is in fact, the most popular puzzle in history.

Rubik’s cube retails sales skyrocketed to  just $250 million  in 2017


Rubbiks cube


  1. GI Joe

In 1964, the GI Joe action figures were created by Hasbro, targeting young boys. Initially only four figures were launched to represent the navy, the army, the marines and the air force. Within just the two years, the toy brought more than half of the entire company’s profits.

Gi Joe toy figures


The toys that came out were really cool, with little manned vehicles and fun prototypes of the GI Joe world.


  1. LEGO

LEGO has spawned TV shows, action figures, building blocks, fan conferences and a major hit in cinema. The secret to LEGO is inspiring people of all ages to build structures in a fun puzzle based experience.

lego toys in canada


Since it was first introduced in 1958, LEGO redefined the potential of toys, of playthings, making it much more. LEGO allows kids to build permanent structures from the scratch, in all kinds of sizes and shapes.


  1. Radio Flyer

Radio flyers were first introduced in 1917, in Chicago by Antonio Pasin. The truly American toy company produces scooters, tricycles, bicycles, wagons, horses and ride-ons. The classic little red wagon on wheels is a cultural symbol for the childhood of America, one of those items on everybody’s list.


Radio flyer toys for kids


Radio flyer is the most influential and famous toy company on this list and for good reason. Ever since they’ve diversified into many other cool playthings like bounce houses and karts, they’ve maintained their little wagon as a masterpiece that stands the test of time.

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