10 fun facts about America’s Radio Flyers, the little Red Wagons

Radio Flyers have been around for more than 104 years, and are an evergreen collector’s item for American kids. The brand started with 16-year-old Antonio Pasin moved to America in the year 1914, from a small town nearby Venice in Italy.

He started saving up money to rent a tiny workshop on the west side of Chicago, where he made phonograph cabinets for his Venetian Furniture Company. He never stuck to building just one thing, he kept his interests alive by creating new stuff and one such creation was a coaster wagon. He sold his first coaster wagons to local hardware stores. In 1917, when Antonio Pasin was just 19, the Radio Flyer brand was born.

Ever since, the Radio Flyer  was embraced by the American consumer market, to make it one of the most iconic wagons ever created. What started out as America’s little red wagon, over the years, diversified into bikes, tricycles,

ride-ons, playhouses and much more. For over a hundred years, the Radio Flyer brand has stood out as America’s favorite and it’s only right that people know more.

With all the fond memories of many generations of the American childhood experience, we’re going to explore 10 fun facts about Radio Flyer.



  1. Antonio Pasin founded the Radio Flyer, starting out as a cabinetmaker in Chicago. He built the wooden wagons to haul stuff around in his shop. Soon, he began selling more wagons than cabinets! Like any good businessman, he chased his work.
  2. Radio Flyer was first known as the Liberty Coaster Company. That was also the first name of the company’s first wagon. Inspired by the iconic Statue of Liberty, Antonio Pasin wanted to denote his welcome to the American dream.
  3. In the 1920s, inspired by the automotive industry, Antonio Pasin began to build steel wagons, which earned him the pop nickname “Little Ford.”
  4. In 1933, Chicago hosted the World’s Fair, and Radio Flyer was exhibiting a large 45-foot-tall Coaster Boy, selling miniature wagons for $0.25.
  5. The original steel wagons of Radio Flyer sold for $3 during the 1930s.
  6. The founder was fascinated by airplanes and the radio, which inspired the combination of the words “Radio” and “Flyer.” After all, the invention of the radio was a contribution by his fellow Italian Guglielmo Marconi.
  7. Antonio Pasin, the founder of Radio Flyer was inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame in the year 2003.
  8. Radio Flyer made it’s first short-film, Taking Flight, which received the honor of an Emmy Award in the year 2017.
  9. A partnership with Tesla resulted in Radio Flyer launching the Tesla Model S for kids in the year 2016. This ride-on vehicle for kids was the first to use Flight Speed™ Lithium Ion Batteries and was the first customizable kid’s car on the world market.
  10. After 104 years of creativity and awe-inspiring innovation, Radio Flyer now allows customers to create their own customized wagons, scooters and trikes. What a legacy to behold!



Stemming from hard work and inspiration, Antonio Pasin is the recipient of many honors and the continued market presence of Radio Flyer is an extension to the American dream that shaped the great country. If you would like to check out exclusive Radio Flyer toys and merchandise, head on over to the Kidsonwheelz online store and find out a range of fun play things, activities, scooters, trikes and wagons that are sure to bring new energy to your kids. We are enthusiastic about toys and especially fond of kids on wheelz, because they are responsible adults in the making. OurRadio Flyer collection is sure to excite parents and their kids alike.