Factors to consider before buying an Electric ATV for kids

Kids are always going to find riding an ATV fun, especially during summers. While the season brings good atmosphere, children would greatly benefit from playing outdoors. From the many features of an Electric ATV Quad, to its cool appearance, ATV embody thrill and adventure. Whether your child is an expert, or just starting out, it’s important to be aware of the safety precautions like wearing a helmet, proper googles, gloves, boots and other gear. At Kidsonwheelz, we are proud of our kids ATV 36v collection and offer a variety of models, colors, accessories and toys.

If you would like to buy an  Electric ATV Quad for your kids, you probably know the many advantages of this machine. You probably want your kids to become more independent, confident and explorative of their interests. Here’s what you should consider when picking out the right ATV for your kid.


Safety comes first!


The first and foremost concern of any parent should be the safety features of a brand-new kids ATV. Check if the vehicle is well-balanced and comfortable at the same time. Our Electric ATV 36v ride-on vehicles have a 3-speed control, between 6-20km/hr. Additionally, the robust motor, wheelie safety bar, hydraulic brake system and brake sensors are built to ensure that your child masters controlling the ATV easily. The ATV supports up to 75kgs (165 lb) and has a range of two hours after it’s fully charged. It takes about 6 hours to get fully charged, but once it is charged, the ATV is a whole lot of fun.




Learning to ride an ATV also teaches kids about the responsibility of maintaining their vehicle. Because they fall in love with the experience, they often take good care of their electric ride-on. The build quality of the ATV 36v quad is very good, which reduces the worry of maintenance concerns. You don’t need to give it for a service anytime soon because the machine is built to last long and strong. They don’t contain complicated equipment and are a minimum assembly ride-on built for kids. However, it’s always a good idea to teach your kids to take care of their ATV by cleaning the dust, riding carefully and parking it in a safe place.


Models & types


Thera are numerous models and types of ATVs for kids, and you would know what best suits your child. However, you have to consider the recommended weight and size that each model specifies. That’s because you don’t want to invest in an ATV that’s either too large or too small for your children. The ATV 36v Quad collection on Kidsonwheelz has some wonderful colors and feature-rich models. They are suitable for children aged 3-12, with built in features to maximize on handling and safety. Click here to check them out.




An important part of the ATV experience areit’s tires. They need to be stable, authentic and sustainable to suit most road conditions. After all, the specialty of an ATV is it’s off-road capabilities. Be sure to check the product specifications and find out about the type of thread, tread depth, sturdiness and more. With rear storage and student tires, the Electric ATV 36v in our collection is among the best options in today’s market. But, because there’s a high demand for a good quality, adventure-oriented kids ATV, there’s plenty of innovation happening as you read this. Usually, ATV tires should be able to easily move through ditches, holes, sand, gravel and other types of rough terrain.



Electric or gas ATV for kids?


Another factor to consider when buying your kids a ride-on toy like the ATV is whether you want a gas model or an electric powered one. The blatant truth is that a gas-powered ATV is more complicated because the assembly is slightly more advanced. This may require additional maintenance and concerns about servicing frequently. On the other hand, electric ATV’s like the 36v ride-on are more economic and cost-effective. However, these ATV’s are not ideal for children over 12 years old. In that case, a gas ATV may be a more sensible choice. But to get an electric ATV at a young age has many benefits, like developing fine-motor-skills at a young age and becoming more self-aware. Since the handling is pretty much the same, as your kids grow older, you may invest in a gas ATV. For beginners, the electric kids ATV is much better.



Wrapping up!

If you want to get into the technicality of your kids next ATV, you can always dive into the engine specifications, whether you want a second hand or new one, or whether there are customizable options available. For more information, visit the Kidsonwheelz online gallery to find out the best ride-ons for your kids. It’s always encouraging to gift your child something as awesome as an ATV that will bring a lot of excitement and joy to their lives. They also will learn to improve riding skills and become more independent. Just be sure to consider all the above mentioned factors before you make the best buy. Experts at Kidsonwheelz are always ready to offer you good advice and access to the latest collection of kids merchandise.