Are hoverboards easy to ride?

Have you been eyeing that hoverboard in the store, a shiny reminder of adventure and thrill? But, you’re a little skeptical because it’s a totally new experience. Have you ever ridden a hoverboard before? Are these You’ve had your eye on a shiny new hoverboard, either for yourself or a loved one. But you’re a little skeptical, because it’s a new experience for you. You’ve never ridden one before. Is it easy to ride the Easy Use Hoverboard? Well, we know for a fact that riding one of these is a blast time.

Fortunately, learning to ride a hoverboard is much like learning to ride a bicycle. Your first experience on a hoverboard may evoke the tingling sensation you experienced when riding a bike for the first time. But the important steps that in riding a hoverboard are the first and last steps taken to get on the board and get off the board.


Getting on the hoverboard. Getting off the hoverboard.


To get on, step on the board with your dominant foot. If you’re left-handed, your left foot is the dominant foot, and if you’re right-handed, your right foot is the dominant foot. Then put your non-dominant foot (other foot) on the board. Now you’re on the hoverboard. It’s that easy!

When you are standing on the hoverboard, ensure that both your feet are laid flat on the footpads for maximum control while riding. The non-slip footpads of your Easy Use Hoverboard are designed to give the rider the best grip for maximum maneuverability. This makes the Easy Use Hoverboard easy to control and easy to ride.

Another tip is to make sure that your feed are level with your shoulders, as close as possible to the wheel. Maintaining this position helps to balance your center for gravity better, thus providing greater stability.

When you stand on the hoverboard, remember to relax. Don’t tense up because it’s exciting, let the experience become part of your desire to have fun. By relaxing, you can allow your body to sway back and forth with ease, as you ride the hoverboard. If you are a little nervous about the way you’re balancing, try holding the wall, or a table, while getting onto your hoverboard. This can boost your confidence levels in your balance. 

In fact, there’s no shame in using support to get onto your hoverboard for the first time. It’s like using training wheels to balance your bicycle when you were younger. Once you get good at it, you’ll find it easy to get onto your hoverboard every time. Once you feel comfortable standing on the hoverboard, it’s time to start hovering!

And when you’ve had enough fun hovering, and you want to step off, make sure the hoverboard has completely stopped. You don’t want to step off a moving hoverboard. Once it has come to a complete halt, step back with your dominant foot and then quickly step off with the other foot.

That’s how easy it is to get on and off the Easy Use Hoverboard.


Hovering lesson


Moving the hoverboard back and forth is just as easy as getting on it. A hoverboard moves because of what is called dynamic equilibrium, generated through the shifting of your body weight. Within the hoverboard is an internal gyroscope equipped with acceleration sensors that moves the board according to your center of gravity.

In order to move forward, lean forward slightly. The hoverboard will then start moving in the direction that you’re learning. To move backwards, do the same by leaning in the opposite direction.

Hoverboards are relatively easy to ride, but don’t be tempted to move fast. When you first start out using the Easy Use Hoverboard start slow and learn the machine well. You can lose your balance if you’re moving too fast. Start by moving slowly on the hoverboard and you will become a master in no time.


Twist to turn or lean to turn


For every uphill climb, there’s going to be a downhill. That’s why the Easy Use Hoverboard is equipped with regenerative braking, which extends your battery life when going downhill. Turning the hoverboard is pretty easy. While different hoverboards may use different methods, the most commonly way to turn is using a technique by twisting your body in the exact direction you want the hoverboard to turn.

Another method of turning is by swinging one of your feet forward, to make the hoverboard rotate. But you will rotate in the opposite direction to which foot you swung. For example, if you want to turn right, you have got to pivot your left foot forward. If you want to turn left, you’ve got to pivot your right foot forward. That’s because the hoverboard changes direction based on the shift in your center of gravity. However, twisting your body in the direction to turn, is the recommended technique, which is easier and more straightforward.

Easy Use Hoverboards use a smart lean-to-move method, which makes turning that much easier. When you want to turn left, just slightly lean left and shift your weight off the right pedal. When you need to move right, just slightly lean to the right and shift your weight, slightly off the left pedal. It’s as easy as that!

Just be sure to read the user manual for your hoverboard to learn the best practices while turning and riding, before you start enjoying the thrill.


Slow and steady wins


Hoverboards are easy to ride, but one factor that affects the learning process, making things difficult, is its speed. Slow and steady can help you master the hoverboard. As speed increases, so does the difficulty to ride.

Yet, the basic principles of riding a hoverboard remain the same, whether a standard Easy Use Hoverboard, a professional sport hoverboard or an off-road hoverboard.

That said, the basic riding principles remain the same, whether it is a standard hoverboard, off-road hoverboard, or a professional sport hoverboard


Turning on the lights


While having fun, you can easily lose track of time. That’s because riding a hoverboard is a great experience. But you’ve also got to be cautious. When the sun starts to go down in the middle of your adventurous riding experience, you’ve got to turn the lights on. You need a hoverboard with LED lights.

The futuristic LED accent lighting on wheels, front, and rear of the unit with a strong shell and sturdy structure to help with ease of balance and a well-lit ride. You’ve even got notification lights to keep you informed of the battery levels so that you’re always prepared. Most importantly, the Easy Use Hoverboard with lights on wheels, front and rear areas can help you when turning to let passers know whether you’re on the move or braking.


Getting help


Hoverboards can come with multiple riding modes for different levels and types of riding. When you are new to the experience, it’s suggested to look for a hoverboard with the beginner mode, or “turtle mode” or the “learning mode.” Luckily for you, the Easy Use Hoverboard comes with the learning mode which decreases hoverboard sensitivity and lowers its maximum speed when you’re learning. This gives you more control to get a hang of riding before you take it to the next level.


Bonus tips for the best hoverboard experience


  • Gear up before you ride, using proper protective equipment, especially ASTM F1492 certified helmet.
  • Place both feet on the footpads for proper sensor detection
  • Don’t place other objects on the footpads, it’s meant for your feet.
  • Don’t tilt forward or backward more than 10 degrees
  • Avoid slopes and hills with greater inclines, especially those specified by the manufacturer’s recommendations.


Getting your hoverboard


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