Features to consider in the 24V Ride-on car for kids

Does your child enjoy the thrill of moving cars? Is your child a racer? If yes, you may have heard of Electric Toy Cars. These electric vehicles like the 24V ride-on are specially designed for kids to drive around and have a blast. It’s not at all complicated and it’s extremely fun.

Besides the 24V ride-on, there are numerous types and variants of all models and sizes, for kids of all ages. But we’re going to take a look at the 24V Ride-on car segment. Every parent would want the best for their child, and that’s why Kidsonwheelz specializes in the coolest toys out there. 24V ride-on is surely one of them and here’s what you need to consider when buying one.


Age compatibility

A child in the age of 6-9 years is most friendly with the 24V ride-on toy car. Although the child’s skills are relevant to mastering the 24V ride-on, children between 6-9 usually find the experience fun and easy to master. Children aged 4-5 may be abled to use the 24V motor, but only if they can cope with it. So be sure to test it out before you buy one for a child younger than 6 years old. We wouldn’t want to kick-off the experience on a less enthusiastic note. Of course, there are bigger models for bigger kids, but we’re talking about getting started.



The 24V ride-on toy cars can run at a maximum speed of 6mph, which is one of the safest speeds to use in a toy auto. Your child must keep in mind the surroundings while speeding around like a little racer. Even if over-speeding is not an issue, parents can control the speed of their child’s toy car by themselves. But if you want your child to enjoy a real driving experience, proportionate to their age, then this is the one. The parental remote


Battery life

The typical battery life of the 124 V Ride-on is about 2-4 hours depending on the usage. This allows kids to have a comfortable time making the most of the toy car. The 24V batteries come are paired with 4 motors for a smooth ride-on experience. These batteries are rechargeable and our models are enhanced for the best performance and durability.



There are numerous wheels on the Kidsonwheelz website for different terrain accessibility. There are super cool ATVs, Dune buggies, two-seaters and single seater ride-ons you can explore for rough terrain use. The particularity of the 24V ride-on is for early learning and easy manoeuvrability. Also, it’s better that younger children in the age group of 6-9 learn to move around in a safe space like the park, the lawn, the backyard or indoors. While the trucks, jeeps and buggies can move past rough surfaces, holes and ditches, the normal autos are best suited to the everyday plain concrete surfaces. The toy cars are well-fitted with tires matching the purpose. The 4 motors offer enough power to turn easily and move up uphill.


Some other key features:


  1. Adjustable seats for the comfort of your child
  2. Shock absorbers, seat belts and brake handles for maximum security, just like a real vehicle.
  3. 24V ride-ons can be hooked with music players and leather seats.
  4. Parental remote controller help the child until they master the ride-on.
  5. Parental remote for adjusting the maximum speed for best safety
  6. Well-designed frame to avoid tumbling or overturning of these super safe and secure ride-ons.


Rider weight


A child’s weight impacts the toy car experience and a specific weight limit is set by each manufacturer and model. Read the manual and make sure that the vehicle you choose is best for your child. If the weight limit exceeds, the vehicle may start to reduce in speed of the car, or malfunction because of the extra load. A 24V ride-on typically accommodates 150lbs.




Children nowadays are very driven, ambitious and particular about their design requirements. Manufacturers have thus introduced a range of toy cars to help make the best choice. This makes kids even more enthusiastic about choosing their first experience. Dune buggies, sports cars, jeeps, trucks, luxury cars are all great variants for children of different ages. Be sure to pick a design and model that your child is sure to enjoy from day one.

To make your choices easier, we’ve listed some of the hot-selling toy cars collection available on the Kidsonwheelz online store.

  1. One seater ride-on toy cars
  2. Two-seater ride-on toy cars
  3. 24V ride-on toy cars
  4. Electric ATV 36V for kids
  5. Pink dealership toy cars

Browse through the list and pick the best-suited toy car your child would enjoy.

Have fun!