What makes the Venom High-Speed Remote-Control Boat special?

When you’re looking to course through the open waters at top speeds, your remote-control boat can offer a thrilling experience. When you talk about toy electric boats, the Venom High-Speed RC boat reserves a special place, with a quick, sleek and stable design for maximum entertainment. That’s because the Udirc Venom is an enthusiast’s item which makes maneuvering the boat on water a unique experience. What makes the Venom High-Speed Remote-Control boat so special?

Let’s dive into the impressive features of the Venom electric toy boat experience.

Firstly, the  Venom high-speed RC boat is perfect for kids and adults to play outdoors or indoors.



  • Sleek and stylish, the boat is so well-designed that the hull is streamlined for charting an uninterrupted course. A compact RC speed boat, the Venom offers impressive handling and the capacity to surf over relatively small water bodies.


  • The RC boat has a display stand for your electronic remote control, also dries quickly to protect your boat’s engine and shorten the next racing time.



  • Low battery alert – Allows your RC boat controller to notify you when the battery is low or about to be depleted.


  • A self-righting hull helps auto-correct the yaw while racing, which is a pretty cool feature for those who want to take the RC speed boat experience to new levels.


  • Waterproof & Water-cooled system of the Venom RC boat is built for durability and sturdiness.


  • Poor signal alarm alerts the racer when the boat is too far out of reach


If you are already excited about taking this high-speed RC boat for a spin, you’ll be happy to know more about the special features of Udirc Venom. Let’s explore the features that enrich your experience with this toy speed boat.


Self-Righting Hull


The Venom RC boat is designed to maintain upright if the boat ever flips. You can sue the Capsize Recovery function to quickly get back into the race. That means, you never have to worry about manually stepping into the water to position your boat during a race, or ever.


Auto-Corrects Yaw


A unique Navigation Rudder Design enables the Venom high-speed RC boat to auto-correct the yaw which allows for seamlessly easy sailing. Yawing is when the boat deviates erratically from it’s course, and with the Autocorrect feature, your Venom high speed boat will always be on course to win the race.


Water-cooled system


Udirc Venom RC boat features a water-cooled system, a powerful single-prop 370-size motor for extra safety and reliable handling of the boat at high speeds. The system features a robust ABS anti-title hull that makes the Venom waterproof and extremely stable.


Poor Signal Alarm


The Poor Signal Alarm is a very useful feature, that lets you know when the boat is too far away from reach. The controller sounds an alarm whenever your racing boat experiences a weak signal, to prevent the RC boat from sailing away beyond the maximum controllable distance. The controller will sound alarmed while your racing boat is in weak signal status to protect the R/C boat from sailing out the max controllable distance.

The high-speed Venom remote-control boat weighs just 910 grams and has rechargeable batteries. With numerous features to enable easy handling and best performance, this toy speed boat is a wonderful collector’s item. Plus, the boat can move fast!


What comes in the box?


1 x Venom High-Speed RC Boat

1 x 2.4GHz Transmitter

1 x 3.7V*2 600mAh Li-Fe battery

1 x USB Battery Charging Cable

1 x Display Stand

1 x Spare Propeller

1 x User Manual



If you’re looking to get your hands on this super cool RC speed boat, the Udirc Venom is available on the Kidsonwheelz store front. Head on over and be sure to check out the other super cool ride-ons, remote controlled toys and much more online.