Benefits of buying a 24V Dune Buggy for your kids

24V Dune Buggy Review


The 24V Dune Buggy is one of the most popular electric cars for kids, featuring a simple yet functional design. Specially crafted for young kids and teenagers, the 24V Dune Buggy is just enough for some off-road go-karting fun, promising countless hours of excitement and fun.

The Dune Buggy from Kidsonwheelz comes with a 24V battery and 4 motors, equipped with off-road tires and suspension. The real two-seater has enough power to push the kart to speeds between 3-11 km. With your kid’s safety in mind, the model comes with 2 speeds when driving and 3 speeds controlled by the parental remote. So can adjust the speed while your child is getting familiar with the Dune Buggy. Supporting a maximum weight of up to 310 lbs, the robust frame is built in a way that the vehicle is centred at all times. The off-road electric toy Dune Buggy also features LED headlights, taillights and horn buttons on the steering wheel. What’s better? Let your child enjoy their every moment manoeuvring the Dune Buggy featuring an integrated MP3 Player with Bluetooth that plays files from Micro SD card, USB flash drive or external devices.

Let’s dive into the key features of this adventurous toy.


Features of the 24V Dune Buggy


  • Suitable for Boys or Girls 1-15 Years Old (Or Younger, Under Supervision of Adult)
  • Push to Start
  • On-Screen Digital Battery Indicator
  • Up to 90Mins Of Play Time(Based on Terrain)
  • Off-Road Tires & Suspension
  • Real Two-Seater
  • 24V Battery & 4 Motors
  • 2 Speeds (3 Speeds controlled by Parental Remote), Maximum speed 3-11 km
  • Forward / Park / Reverse shift switch, Parental Remote Control with Remote
  • LED Headlights & Tail Lights.
  • Horn Buttons on Steering Wheel
  • Integrated MP3 Player with Bluetooth, Plays Files from Micro SD Card, USB Flash Drive or External Devices
  • 1 Year Motherboard + 3 Month Battery Warranty


Safety is priority!


The Dune Buggy comes with safety features and a reasonable power output to ensure that the kart puts a smile on children’s face. It can be driven on all types of surfaces. The recharge time is 8-12 hours, after which your child gets 90 minutes of uninterrupted play time thrill. We believe that children should embrace their spirit to explore, every adventure with the right measures in place to protect and safeguard them. The intuitive driving controls, seat belts, and strong frame are among it’s many perks. With exceptional build quality, the maintenance aspect of your child’s Dune Buggy will never be a concern. Just be sure to charge it up when the battery light indicates low charge. The large tires are stable and grounded. Although the seating arrangement may feel tight for larger children, it’s designed to accommodate children in the age group of 1-15, the younger children requiring parental supervision to ensure that they have a good time. The stainless steel frame and bucket seat offer a seamless driving experience, with an easy-to-learn mechanism and simple features for maximum control. Fat and easy recharging, the Dune Buggy won’t run out of charge on our child’s trip through the backyard, or a mud track. However, there isn’t a full roll cage mostly because the Dune Buggy is designed for children, and maximum utility that provides the thrill of driving without any risk.


Build Quality 

The build quality of the Dune Buggy is excellent. Made from durable steel, the frame features a tubular design that keeps it rigid and smooth. This electric-off-road car is perfect for your child to keep occupied and enchanted by the sheer adventure.

The flooring at the bottom is also built with quality materials, to offer maximum comfort. Children between 1-15 can find the true experience of driving with a real car feel, but a 24V battery with 4 motors. The bulky tires are built for different types of terrain, especially if your child loves the outdoors. The firmly attached bucket seat and belt holds the rider in place. The steering is a unique U-shaped design that is strong and provide the best turning control. Easy braking and simply fabulous design etiquette make the Dune Buggy from Kidsonwheelz a pure spectacle. You’ll be sure to see a few heads pop up over the fence from the neighbour’s yard, because it’s fun to watch your child have a blast with the Dune Buggy.

Additionally, the side cage of the side prevents children from any kind of knocks, making the experience so much more fun. If you would like to explore more about the ride-on toy cars, check the Kidsonwheelz online store and get the best toy cars for your kids.

Why the Dune Buggy is Fun?

  • Great for off-road racing
  • Easy to operate
  • Great suspension
  • Power electric motor

The best thing about the Dune Buggy is that it’s really intuitive for kids and anyone above the age of 5 years will be able to easily control it across any type of terrain. Parental supervision is advised for children much younger, at least until they get a full hang of this toy car.