Clever tips to take care of your Keenz wagon

A Keenz wagon brings a lot of comfort to the lives of a baby and their parents. But, to keep the wagons in a proper state for a longer period to serve you extended services, it is imperative that you take adequate care of the kid's wagon. Right from cleaning the wagons regularly to keeping them safe against moisture and dampness, there are a few things that every parent has to shoulder to keep the Keenz wagon well maintained. Here we pen down a few tips that prove to be helpful for you to keep the Keenz wagon tidy and well-maintained:

Keep the wheels clean and lubricated

Occasionally, the parents should consider removing the wheels and giving it a quick clean-up. But be cautious about the solvents you use so that it does not hamper the wagon wheels. It is said that every time you return after a stroll with your baby, you should prioritise cleaning the wheels of the wagon with a damp cloth and brush to get rid of any sticking dirt and dust.

Also, keep an eye on any signs of wear and tear of the wheel, bolt clearances, and wheel axles to ensure that your baby is not exposed to any risk that can result due to non-maintenance of the wheels. Additionally, pay heed to the lubrication of the wheels and avoid keeping the wagon in the sun for long as it may cause deformation of the wheels.

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Get rid of spills and blotches quickly

Spills and stains are prone to happen with small babies accommodating a Keenz wagon. You can’t prevent stains, but you can indeed prevent those stains from protruding deep down and leaving patches on the fabrics. Make sure you wipe down the spills with a wet liquid or a cleaning agent to keep the fabric of the Keenz wagon neat and clean. This will also help prevent the stains from sticking to the fabric and transforming into deep stains that can make it quite challenging for you to get rid of them.

Do not overlook the frames

The frame of the Keenz wagon tends to be the backbone of the ride. Thus, it is essential to care for the frames just as you would care for the wheels of the wagon. As a very first thing to start with, do not ever overload the Keenz wagon beyond the set limitation. Always put weight as per the manufacturer’s instructions because excess weight can end up damaging the frame.

Additionally, keep an eye on the moveable items of the frame as per the manual and ensure that all the screws and threads always stay tightened.

Also, if you take the Keenz wagon out in the rain or in extreme weather conditions, ensure that you wipe the frame dry after returning. While doing this, do not use strong cleaning agents that can erode or spoil the frames. 

Moreover, while you fold the Keenz wagon, fold it as per the instructions to avoid scratches or dents. And, if you notice any defect in the frame's structure, contact the manufacturer or the place from where you have bought the Keenz wagon at your earliest convenience.

Cleaning the seat belts

Seat belts are mandatory to keep your kids tucked in tight inside the wagon. With that said, the seat belts are one of the most accessible accessories inside the Keenz wagon that your kid fiddles with. Sometimes they may even end up dragging the seat belt inside their mouth. Thus, it is imperative that you keep the seat belts clean and hygienic to prevent your kids from getting infected by the unclean surface of the seat belts. Wipe the seat belts and the buckles frequently with wet wipes so that the hygiene factor is well maintained.

Additional tips for caring for your Keenz wagon

  • Do not take the Keenz wagon close to fire or flame
  • While you are not using the wagon, always keep them with brakes applied.
  • Do not overload the wagon with your stuff, such as bags, etc., or you may face issues with the stability of the wagon.
  • Do not leave the wagon outside in the sun for long periods, as it may cause discolouration of the upholstery.
  • Always empty the baskets before you fold the Keenz wagon.


Kids' wagons are prone to accumulate biscuit crumbs, sandwich crusts, spilt milk, and similar leftovers. Though such traces are unavoidable while having little ones accommodating the Keenz wagon, such traces can be gotten rid of with proper cleaning and maintenance of the Keenz wagon. We hope these tips prove helpful for you to keep the Keenz wagon neat, tidy and well-maintained. So, what are you waiting for? If your kids have created a mess in their wagons, make sure that you follow the above checklist to keep your kids and their wagons in a happy and good-looking state.

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