Tips to keep your little ones entertained in their Keenz wagon

Wagons have made life easy for parents, but one of the major problems parents face while taking their kids out in their Keenz wagons is the struggle that one faces to make them stay inside their wagon. Especially when kids begin to walk and experience independence, it is a challenging task to hold them back inside their Keenz wagon.

While they learn to walk and explore, confining them in their wagons hinders their independence in practising their walking skills. Thus, it is necessary to keep your kids happy and entertained to stop them from running outside. Want to know a few ways by which you can keep your babies entertained in their Keenz wagon? Read on to find it out yourself:

Make the stroll a learning experience

While you take your kids out for a stroll in their Keenz wagon, there are plenty of things and creatures that you may come across. If your little ones are old enough to understand, teach them while being on the wheel. Show them a dog, cat, bird or any other creature that you may spot en-route. Also, tell them about the sounds they make and make their ride an educational ride which induces curiosity in their minds.

Additionally, when you return back for a stroll the next day, consider asking them questions such as ‘can you see a cat’, ‘what sound does a dog make’ or anything that you find useful and serves educational purposes.

Sing songs together

Another way to keep your babies entertained in their wagons is to sing songs to them or, better, sing together. Songs are always soothing for kids, and they love it when their parents sing to them. May it be a movie song, devotional song, or a lullaby, sing songs for your baby so that they can enjoy their trip.

Dance while you walk

Just like songs, shaking a leg in front of your kids can also keep them entertained. And you do not have to be a dancing pro to take such a step. All you need to do is jump a little and shake a little while you drag their Keenz wagon for a walk, and you will soon see your babies giggling their hearts out while they see their mommies or daddies dancing while taking them out for a stroll.

Play the number game

To get your tiny tots ready for early classes, you can also try and teach them to count the numbers from 1 to 100 when you have solace time walking with your babies.

Take snacks for your kids

Kids and hunger go hand in hand. Your little ones may have a full stomach and can stay fully engrossed in a ride session, but you never know when they can start feeling hungry all of a sudden. And, if you do not have some snacks to satisfy their hunger on the spot, you are very well aware of the tantrums and chaos that your kids can create.

So, always ensure that you have a few snacks handy while taking your kids out for a stroll in their Keenz wagon. Also, when you have a fussy kid who won’t like to stay back in their wagons, snacks are an excellent way to keep them entertained and occupied to let them nibble their favourite treats while enjoying the fresh air.


These were a few awesome tips that can help you keep your kids entertained when you take them out in their Keenz wagon. So, the next time you plan an outing trip with your kids, make sure that you check out this guide to stay geared up with a few entertainment tricks to keep your little ones occupied in their Keenz wagon.

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