Smart and clever tricks to keep your baby inside their Keenz wagon while you shop around

Are you planning to go out shopping with your baby? Are you planning to take the Keenz wagon along to get your kids buckled inside it while shopping for the essentials? A Keenz wagon is a blessing for parents because it can help keep a baby in place and give them freedom from carrying their little ones in their arms, making shopping tasks easy-breezy.

Though this may sound quite comforting, the same doesn't stand true when you have a small kid who is always waiting for a chance to pop out of their Keenz wagon. But here are a few tips that can help restrict your kids from jumping out of their wagon. Read on to get acquainted

Keep on talking with your little ones

This may sound a bit unrealistic, but talking to your kids and empathising with them while you take them out for a stroll can even shake the biggest mountains and make them stay in place. Besides just talking to them, you can also consider singing their favourite songs, lullabies or anything that can entertain them and keep them distracted from jumping out of the strollers. 

Also, you can trick them by saying that you will reach the destination within 5 minutes or plan milestones and say that they can walk when you reach a particular building or something similar that can help them to stay inside theIr Keenz wagon for a few more minutes.

Consider changing the rides

Sometimes, the little ones get bored of their same old rides. Also, with their growing age, they wish to explore things walking on their own feet which can prove to be tedious and exhausting for the parents as they are forced to run after their babies wherever they go. To keep them inside the stroller, you can consider changing the rides to get them a new adventure.

For this, if you can afford to buy a new ride, go for a different coloured ride or a Thule's jogging stroller to bring a change, or you can also consider borrowing it from a neighbour if they agree to and get your kid some new exploration area.

Moreover, if you step inside a mall wherein your baby won't sit inside the Keenz wagon and wish to move out, you can look out for other rides and strollers in the mall that can give your baby a slight change from their regular rides to prevent them from getting on their feet.

Keep them distracted

Distractions can render a helping hand in keeping your kids in place in their Keenz wagon. May it be a toy, a book, a music box or anything your child likes, consider introducing such things inside the Keenz wagon so that your little one can spend some me-time inside with their favourite stuff.

Besides this, their favourite snacks and juices can also help keep them buckled inside their Keenz wagon. All you need to get them are their favourite munchies and a juice box, and they will love to sip and treat themselves in their wagon while you shop around. Such distractions can cut down the botheration and also let you shop in peace.

Get your kids active before the ride

If you are going to a shopping mall or any other place where you would like to carry your kids in their Keenz wagon, get them active, and a bit drained beforehand. Get them indulged in playing or performing activities that will exhaust them and force them to stay inside their wagon without showing their stubborn instincts of jumping out of their wagons.

You can also make them dance or exercise to make them stay inside the stroller while you move out for a shopping session.


 Toddlers are curious little creatures who always feel the instinct to pop out of their Keenz wagons and strollers to explore the world on their own feet. But to save yourself from running helter and skelter after them while you are out for a stroll, grocery store or any other place where you wish to keep them intact in their wagon, consider following these tips to conquer a victory.

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