Quick tips for mom runners to jog with Thule jogging strollers

Jogging strollers are a blessing for mom-runners because they get to accomplish the duo task of keeping themselves fit besides spending some quality time with their little ones. But running with jogging strollers can give you awry experiences if you are not well-prepped and geared up to run with a jogging stroller. So, how do you keep safe while running with a Thule jogging stroller? How can you prevent your kids from turning into a cry-baby while jogging with them? Here are a few tips that you need to remember while heading out with your little ones tucked in a jogging stroller: 

  • Wait for the right age

Jogging strollers should not be used for babies below six months. Ensure that your babies are of the right age to be transported in a Thule jogging stroller. Babies below the age of six months do not have enough muscle strength to keep their heads in a straight position. Such continuous movement can pose a threat to their neck and head.

Thus, it is always a better idea to skip jogging with small babies below the age of six months. Instead, go for a walk while tucking in your small babies until they turn seven months old to ensure their safety while being carried in a jogging stroller. 

  • Keep away from cars and high-traffic areas

Jogging strollers can be used almost anywhere, but it is a good idea to avoid using strollers at places that witness traffic. Consider using the Thule strollers at parks, sidewalks, bike paths, or other places that do not witness much traffic. It enhances your child's safety besides letting them have a comfy ride because you will not be required to stop at signals and cross roads and can avoid the traffic that may bring frustration. 

  • Start slow

Jogging strollers should be used at a pace that is about a minute slower than your regular pace. The more you jog with the jogging stroller, the more calories you will burn by doing the same. You can also consider using one arm to push the stroller while swinging the other one and switching between the arms to impede a nice workout session. But, always run at a normal pace while doing this workout and refrain from speeding up. 

  • Be alert

When you are all set to jog with your baby, keep your eyes and ears open to the surroundings. Consider not using the earphones while using jogging strollers because you might not come to know if your baby starts crying with loud music and workout vibes. If at all, you wish to use the earphones, use only one side so that you can enjoy the music besides being aware of the things that go around you while you jog. 

  • Jog on solid surfaces

Solid surfaces are safe for jogging with babies because they give fewer bumps and jerks. Instead of heading out without a road map in mind, plan the route or place where you will be jogging to make sure that you do not cross rough terrains or surfaces that may make your baby uncomfortable or pose even the slightest risk.

  • Keep your baby weather-prepped

When you jog during winters, you may warm up because of continuous jogging, but this is not the case with your babies. Your kids may feel cold due to the adverse winds and temperature. Also, use the weather shield of the Thule stroller besides wrapping up your babies in a warm bundle. 

On the contrary, when it is summertime, do not end up dressing your babies in layers of clothing and use the sunscreen in the stroller to save them from the scorching heat. Keep your workout session with the stroller to a minimum during the summers so that your kids do not stay exposed to the sun for a long time. 

  • Bottom Line

We hope that this guide gives you a quick insight into the things that you need to remember while taking your babies for a stroll in a jogging stroller. Care and caution are the keys to a safe jogging session. Make sure that you follow the same to make jogging with babies an exciting sport to encounter. 

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