Reason why every family should have a keenz wagon!

Kids wagons have always been a kid's favourite- not only because they can be easily transported in the keenz wagon, but also because they can ride with their friend or sibling while enjoying some tasty snacks. Besides the joy that a kid gets while lounging in their luxury wagon, keenz wagons are also a blessing for parents as they are no more required to carry their kids in their hands and can easily tuck them up inside a keenz wagon to head out for shopping, ride or any other place. But, what are the advantages of gifting your kids a keenz wagon? Why do your kids love the wagons so much? Here are a few reasons:

  • They can even enjoy a nap time

After a long haul at the shopping mall or grocery store, there are chances that your kids may feel sleepy and tired after a few hours of continuous movement. And, what if you get a sudden call from a friend asking you to join for a picnic or get together? 

Worry no more! By having a Keenz wagon at your disposal, you will not have to rush back home to make your kid sleep for a while before heading out for a friends-day-out because this wagon allows your kids to curl up and take a nap while you proceed ahead to visit your friend. The wagon is comfy and spacious enough to let your kid spread out for a quick nap, falling into a deep slumber.

  • Keenz wagon protect from the sun!

Keenz wagon also has a canopy that can be stretched out to protect your kids from the scorching heat and sun rays. Facing the wrath of the sun doesn’t go easy on kids as they have delicate skin. In such a case, the canopy serves a practical function that aids in safeguarding your kids from the sun.

  • Your kids can enjoy on-board snacks

The Keenz wagon can hold more than just kids; it can hold their favourite snacks too. Kids are hungry little humans who always love to nibble on snacks. What could be better than having their favourite cookies and snacks onboard while having a stroll?

The keenz wagon has storage pockets and a cup holder as well to let your kids have an uninterrupted stroll with their food staples. Gulping onboard snacks with another kid seated on the same wagon gives them the feel of having a picnic inside their wagon, which is no less than a thrilling experience for the cuties.

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